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It’s hard to be Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) lately.

The leading tea party agitator lost his primary in early August. And in case you missed it, lame-duck status has him acting a little erratic.

First, he’s threatening to force a vote on the impeachment of Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen despite an agreement among GOP colleagues to postpone it until after the election. And second, Huelskamp upset the House floor schedule one afternoon this week by demanding roll call votes on 17 bills leadership deemed non-controversial.

Huelskamp has discussed these issues at length on Twitter. But now, he’s turning his attention toward the protests in Charlotte — and not in a good way.

In response to this comment from President Obama (via this tweet from C-SPAN) …

… here’s what Huelskamp wrote:

For an even clearer sense of his view of what’s going on in Charlotte, read this.

Needless to say, Twitter has not been kind since the Kansas Republican posted that Obama tweet. Here are a few choice responses (ones that are appropriate enough to print):

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