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Doug Boggs is the new managing partner of Manatt Phelps' Washington office. Photo courtesy of Manatt Phelps.
Doug Boggs is the son of prominent lobbyist Tommy Boggs Jr. and the new managing partner of Manatt Phelps’ Washington office. Photo courtesy of Manatt Phelps.

Doug and Hale Boggs, sons of the late trailblazing Washington lobbyist Thomas H. Boggs Jr., are back under one roof — sort of.

Both of the younger Boggs, Doug, 49, and Hale, 54, have long built their careers in the legal world, with Doug at Patton Boggs in Northern Virginia and Hale at Manatt Phelps & Phillips in Los Angeles and Palo Alto, Calif. But last year, after Doug left his father’s namesake firm to join Manatt’s Washington office, the two were reunited professionally.

This month, Doug was named managing partner of Manatt’s D.C. office, bringing them another step closer; Hale is a senior partner and part of the firm’s executive committee.

“We always talked, but we talk more often than we ever did before,” said Doug Boggs.

Most of it is over email and texting. And they’ve teamed up to structure some corporate deals — Doug is a corporate attorney and Hale is an entertainment and media lawyer.

In his new role, Doug Boggs oversees recruiting and hiring for the D.C. office and is pushing to elevate Manatt’s profile in the nation’s capital by expanding the firm’s lobbying and political footprint. The firm, which is based in Los Angeles and known for its entertainment and health care regulatory work, has about 40 lobbyists and public policy professionals across its 10 offices, but only about ten in D.C. Doug Boggs said he’d like to double that in the near future.

“Having come from Patton Boggs, which had high visibility in the city, to here, which is a smaller office, and not the home office, it’s a little more difficult to get on the radar screen sometimes,” Doug Boggs said. “Part of what I want to do is get out there and get the firm’s name out there, especially on the political side.”

For the last half century, the legacy firm Patton Boggs was arguably the best known lobbying brand in Washington. Tommy Boggs Jr., a charismatic and colorful strategist, joined the firm in 1966 and pioneered a new model for the influence industry, helping transform what used to be a one-or-two-man shop led by former agency heads into a lucrative business that was integrated into a major law firm, staffed with attorneys well-versed in the areas of law that lobbyists were looking to change. The firm was acquired by the law firm Squire Sanders in 2014 and is now known as Squire Patton Boggs. Boggs died in 2014.

Manatt was founded by Chuck Manatt, a California lawyer who guided the Democratic National Committee to financial prosperity in the 1980s. He died in 2011.

“He was a man about town,” Doug Boggs said. “I’d like to get some of that visibility back. Recruiting and getting some well-known people with interesting practices would help in that goal.”

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