Crooked, constantly-lying #DonaldTrump is an embarrassment and a disgrace to all Americans, including his “followers”.  This latest political ad. isn’t an attack ad. it’s simply an edited clip of one disgusting, and idiotic comment after another that  “The Donald”, wannabe dictator has said when the cameras were rolling.  He’s corrupt, using money from his foundation for business deals and to pay legal expenses — coupled with his thinking he’s above the rule of law, and obviously, civility.  Do yourself, the country and the world a favor stop supporting this grand-standing, reckless person who only cares about himself.  He’s an embarrassment and a disgrace to everything America stands for at it’s core.  He’s a bully who brags about his short attention span, and the fact he doesn’t like to read.  #UnfitToLead #UnfitToGovern #WakeUpAmerica

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