All the Times Watermelon Went Viral in the Summer of 2017

Watermelon is a summertime staple. Maybe it’s cubed, grilled or blended with vodka at your barbecue. Whatever the presentation, it’s going to be in the mix when the weather’s hot.

The first example of this delicious melon proving its capacity to go viral came last summer, when BuzzFeed posted a bracing video of the fruit’s explosive potential.

The question: How many rubber bands would it take to make the melon detonate in everyone’s faces? The answer: Enough to keep people watching the Facebook Live video for a full 45 minutes.

This summer, the fruit has again tasted Internet stardom. Take, for example, the Internet-anointed “Watermelon Bae.”

Salt Bae had swagger, and he brought it all the way to the bank. But this fruit ninja, Christine Ward a.k.a. Melon Mama, seemed much less camera-conscious when she whipped out her knife to cut a fine watermelon figure. Still, her slicing and dicing scored raves and enthusiastic headlines. The skills were impressive and the watermelon, evenly chopped. (Don’t try this at home if you aren’t Watermelon Bae.)

I am officially #Watermelonbae

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Beloved as the seasonal fruit is, watermelon prep doesn’t need to be appetizing to sweep the Internet. When another chef, James Briscione of the Food Network series Man Crafted, skewered some innocent watermelon and sprinkled it with taco seasoning, countless observers felt emotionally wounded by the unique finishing touch.

The result was a divisive viral video which served as a reminder that perhaps watermelon isn’t always a universal crowd-pleaser, after all.

The watermelon dress trend, on the other hand, won many more fans.

This one’s for the DIY social media fanatic and doesn’t require advanced culinary training.

In late May, people started posting photos of subjects “wearing” so-called “watermelon dresses” that are literally just shapes carved out of the fleshy pink fruit that play with perspective for a bit of trompe l’oeil fun.

#SummerReady 🍉 #watermelondress #scarmar is ready for #mdw2017 😎☀️#spectacularkidz #thebump #watermelon #kristilaurenphotography

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#watermelondress 🍉

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Even Emma Lee Bunton, formerly known as Baby Spice, tried one on for size, which is how you know it’s a thing.

@emmaleebunton trying out the watermelon dress craze! 🍉 Water cutey (@jamie.theakstons joke..!)

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Finally, YouTuber DaveHax went viral for his very informative lecture on how to use a pineapple slicer and wedger on a watermelon.

With a handy apparatus, he proved how even those lacking Watermelon Bae’s skills can enjoy watermelon sliced like pineapple rings for all of their warm weather bash needs.

For this watermelon hack, he screwed the slicer into the fruit, with the melon meat eventually coming out Instagram fruit sculpture-ready. For the big finish, he turned the hollow melon into a punch bowl.

Shared to YouTube in July, the video has been viewed more than 1.6 million times.

Not a bad season for a melon without a publicist.


Meet the Man Behind the Big Inflatable Trump Rat Mocking Him in New York

Donald Trump might not make it onto Mount Rushmore, but he’s popped up in unflattering balloon form again.

This time, it’s in his hometown in the style of the inflatable rats that union workers use to strike against construction sites employing non-union labor. This new 15-foot, unmissable Trump inflatable piece appeared at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street, down the street from Trump Tower, hours before the President was scheduled to arrive on Monday.

The orange-faced, rat-human hybrid has extra voluminous ears, pursed lips, buck teeth, that unmistakable red tie, a long tail, and an extra dig: Confederate flag cufflinks. Unsurprisingly, the spectacle drew crowds and tourists for selfies.

It’s all the brainchild of New York City-based BravinLee art gallery owners John Lee and his wife Karin Bravin, who view Trump as “unprepared” to lead. Inspiration came when Lee saw a grotequse looking rat on Jackson Avenue in Queens right after the election. “I was just always impressed with how grotesque the rat was as public art,” he told TIME.

It’s the first overtly political statement the owners of the mom and pop art gallery have launched. “All I could do is to ridicule,” Lee said. “Ridicule is a very important tool in taking on the powerful.”

Lee said the rat will be up for “as long as Trump is in the White House,” and its next stop is Washington, D.C.

Trump returned home to Trump Tower on Monday for the first time since his inauguration, and was met by protesters and a much smaller throng of supporters.


The Best Game of Thrones Memes From Season 7

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

The eagerly anticipated seventh season of Game of Thrones, the super popular fantasy television series featuring epic dragon battles and a whispering man named Littlefinger, finally came into everyone’s lives in late July.

That means that every Sunday night, people taking relaxing late-night strolls down the street could hear the pleasing sounds of summer: everyone screaming in horror as they react to all those life-altering twists.

It also meant that on this rollercoaster dragon ride of an adventure, people had a ball with the craziest moments online. Fans are invested, which means social media feeds are steadily bursting with creative, cathartic and above all, hilarious Game of Thrones memes.

Here are the absolute best season seven Game of Thrones memes that are so funny they deserve to outlive everyone on the show.

The Onion Knight’s introduction to Jon Snow was so much less extra than Missandei’s recitation of Dany’s résumé.

Jon Snow refusing to bend the knee because he’s the King in the North got an amazing remix.

Legend Olenna Tyrell’s advice for Dany was widely circulated.

And when she went out like a champ with the mother of all confessions to Jaime, her last scene inspired this.

And this.

In fact, meme machine Olenna stating facts means she will live forever.

Grey Worm and Missandei finally acting on their love was a hit.

As was the girl talk regarding their interlude.

On the less popular side, there was Theon’s bro of the year move.

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Samwell Tarly cured Jorah Mormont of greyscale after finding the cure in a book, so someone correctly put his face on another cultural touchstone who never met a book she didn’t like.

For many, those cave drawings of White Walkers that backed up Jon Snow’s story seemed a little too convenient.

When Arya and Brienne had the most well-matched fight for fun and everyone lost it.

Jon Snow was yapping about how Dany has such a good heart and it really resonated with him, and Ser Davos called it.

Bronn’s finest moment proving his worth.

Bran’s weird now, keep up please.

A genius even introduced philosophical Jaden Smith tweets to Bran’s creepy vibes.

When it was time for the Loot Train Attack a.k.a. the scene television was invented for, the passage of time was noted.

This GIF all about incinerating your problems or various people in your way resonated with many fans.

Jon Snow coming through with the dragon dad touch.

And keeping this queen’s mom brag in check.

Varys should always be trusted for one thing.

Pray for Jorah to experience the thrill of life outside the friend zone.

Arya is on that Littlefinger case.

The new kids on the block are in formation.


Watch Anthony Scaramucci Tell His Side of the Story on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Mooch made his post-White House late night TV debut Monday night.

Anthony Scaramucci, formerly the White House communications director for ten days, sat down for a one-on-one interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show to discuss his own version of the events that lead to his sudden departure.

It’s an interesting venue for the polarizing financier and unfiltered political figure, because the show has been seeing record breaking ratings for its biting satire aimed directly at Trump.

“I can’t believe it! We got The Mooch! We set out a Mooch trap,” Colbert joked on his show Wednesday.

It wasn’t Scaramucci’s first media appearance since his White House departure. He also went live on This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

Scaramucci stepped down from his short-lived role a little more than a week after President Donald Trump announced his appointment. In a profanity-laden recorded phone interview with The New Yorker, he took the opportunity to make explicitly worded critical statements about several members of the Trump Administration.

Reflecting on a few of his his former colleagues, the Mooch told Colbert that top White House advisor Steve Bannon, one of several staffers Scaramucci criticized during the now infamous call, would be out if it were up to him. “But it’s not up to me,” Scaramucci said.

Watch the full clip above.


The Funniest Memes From the Most Revealing Game of Thrones Episode Yet

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Sunday night’s Game of Thrones was full of revelations, reunions and intrigue. So naturally, everyone on the internet promptly turned all that action into some highly amusing memes. There were memes about Daenerys Targaryen flirting with the dark side and also Jon Snow, jokes about Arya going full Harriet the Spy, and you better believe there were reactions to winter’s hottest new boy band after that final scene.

Below, please enjoy the best memes of “Eastwatch.”

Jaime is alive:

No matter what happens, never doubt that Bronn is getting paid:

The bend the knee jokes were back in full effect:

As were the jokes about the instant bending the knee became the only road to take:

Drogon meets Jon and suddenly it all makes sense:

Jon and Dany flirting again:

Dany knows her dragons are beautiful:

Jorah and Dany reunited at a weird time, and the King in the North was not pleased watching Dany hug the competition:

Gilly dropping knowledge:

And no one noticing:

Of course Varys “read it” and it was already trending on Twitter:

Gendry is back:

Gendry ruining the whole Davos plan:

Tormund keeps it real. Especially when it comes to Brienne:

Dickon standing his ground:

Arya on the case of Littlefinger being Littlefinger:

Sam desperately trying to warn the maesters:

Dany’s new direction:

Cersei’s annoucement:

Lannister bros meeting again:

And finally, it’s on: