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Obama’s New, Undeclared Iraq War

Obama’s new Iraq war began modestly. By the end of his press conference on Saturday though it got a bit bigger. Now the United States will look to protect Iraq’s critical infrastructure, bolster its security forces and stop the Islamic State

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First Ebola Case Coming to USA

One of Two Americans infected with Ebola in West Africa will be brought to the United States for treatment at Emory University.

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Eating With The Enemy

A takeout restaurant in Pittsburgh is offering exotic cuisine with a twist, facilitating cultural conversation and political dialogue on countries in conflict with the United States.

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Why Parents Keep Shooting Their Kids

Guns are about the only product in the United States with no consumer safety restrictions. A new report finds that even gun owners want that to change.

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Farming for the Future


(Photos: Dahr Jamail; Edited: JR / TO)As the impacts of anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) continue to escalate, drought, wildfires, flooding and other extreme weather events continue to intensify and last longer as a result. In parts of Africa, the sociopolitical translation of this means wars over water, crops and animals, as drought and the ensuing conflict spinning out of it have become the norm. In the United States, this looks like ever-increasing food prices, growing evidence of overt animosity towards the government, and increasing economic and health concerns about what the future holds as drought, wildfires and temperature extremes continue to intensify. As a growing number of US citizens wonder what they might be able to do to take care of themselves as this dystopian future comes into focus, silver linings are emerging from the darkening clouds.

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