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Hospital death inquest to be held

The family of a disabled man who died after a routine operation are told they can finally have an inquest, a year after his death.

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Labour hires Obama poll guru Axelrod


David Axelrod, the strategist who masterminded Barack Obama’s presidential victories, will be a key adviser on Ed Miliband’s 2015 general election campaign, the Labour Party says.

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Ex-BP official got rich on Deepwater Horizon spill, gets busted


When Keith Seilhan was called in to coordinate BP’s oil spill cleanup after the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, the senior company official and experienced crisis manager looked at the situation and thought, “Fuck this.” He dumped his family’s $1 million worth of BP stock, earning a profit and saving $100,000 in potential losses after the share price tanked even further. But Seilhan knew something that other investors did not know when he made that trade. The company was lying to the government and the public about the amount of oil that was leaking from the ruptured well — by a factor of more than ten. And the feds say that doesn’t just make Seilhan an awful person — it means he was engaging in insider trading. Charges and a settlement were announced Thursday. “The complaint alleges that within days, Seilhan received nonpublic information on the extent of the evolving disaster, including oil flow estimates and data on the volume of oil floating on the surface of the Gulf,” the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said in its announcement. Without admitting or denying guilt, the Texan, who has since left BP, agreed to pay the government a penalty equivalent to double the $105,409 that he allegedly gained through the trade.Filed under: Business & Technology, Climate & Energy

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New hurricane maps will show whether your house could drown


The federal government will begin making its hurricane warning maps more colorful this summer, adding a range of hues to represent the danger of looming floods. Red, orange, yellow, and blue will mark coastal and near-coastal areas where storm surges are anticipated during a hurricane. The different colors will be used to show the anticipated depth of approaching flash floods. Severe flooding that followed Superstorm Sandy helped prompt the change — NOAA says it had a hard time convincing Manhattanites that they faced any real danger from such floods. “We are not a storm-surge-savvy nation,” Jamie Rhome, a storm surge specialist with NOAA’s National Hurricane Center, told Reuters. “Yet storm surge is responsible for over half the deaths in hurricanes. So you can see why we’re motivated to try something new.” Here’s a hypothetical example of what one such map might look like for Florida. Beware, Ft. Myers! National Hurricane CenterClick to embiggen.Filed under: Climate & Energy

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This giant vacuum will suck the pollution out of rivers


Dyson vacuums are legendary; they’re the main reason divorce is so ugly. So imagine what happens when you put that powerful technology to work cleaning rivers instead of rugs. Did you picture marine trash getting slurped up into the world’s biggest vacuum bag? Ding ding ding! James Dyson hasn’t actually CREATED his super-sucker yet, but he’s made a design for the M.V. Recyclone boat, a.k.a. the U.S.S. Sucky. Check it: James DysonThe barge would scoop plastic off of a river’s surface before the junk can make it to the ocean, explains Fast Co. Exist: The famed designer’s recycling barge, which uses the same cyclone technology as found in Dyson’s vacuum cleaners, has large nets that trap plastic floating on the river’s surface. A suction system then pulls in the waste, where it’s separated and then sent for processing. Plastic trash in the Pacific got 100 times worse in just the past four decades. When barnacles and fish snack on plastic, you can bet it’ll sneak upward into the food chain. By sucking a little more, Dyson just might help your fish and chips suck a bit less.Filed under: Living

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Far-Right Terrorists for ‘Liberty’

Recruiting militants via Facebook is an amateur move, but the arrest of a right-wing extremist is a reminder that most terror plots in the U.S. have nothing to do with al Qaeda.

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Kate’s Baby Gap Trip

The Duchess queues up behind other shoppers.

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Kim Kardashian Isn’t Aspirational

The editor who invented high/low media says the Vogue cover is no scandal but, on the eve of the Women in the World Summit, she has a few ideas about women who really are cool.

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Kardashian Butts Into Syria Mess

The notorious vixen has been in her share of controversies before—and had even supported the occasional dictator. But nothing like this.

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Saving the Whales

The Japanese are barred from butchering whales in the name of scientific research.

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Musharraf charged in treason case


A court in Pakistan charges former military ruler Pervez Musharraf with treason, the country’s first army chief to face such a prosecution.

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Has Handler Had Enough?

Is Chelsea Handler really planning on leaving E!, or is she after a better deal from the network she calls a “sad, sad place to live.”

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Blues boss hails ‘inspiring’ Rees


Cardiff Blues chief Dale McIntosh says the return of Matthew Rees after cancer treatment helped inspire their win over Ulster.

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Guest Wears Kate’s Coat

Kate and another guest wear same outfit to a society wedding at the weekend

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Asians vs. Affirmative Action

Merit should trump minority according to Asian-Americans who continue the fight against race-based entitlements in the US.

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America, Inc. at it’s Finest

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